Update: Halpatter Brewing Company

Salvaging and Restoring

Here's a quick update about our friends over at Halpatter Brewing Company:

"From the get go, one of the things we had set as a priority for Halpatter was the use of salvaged materials from the area. This is one of the old fire escapes off of the Blanche Hotel which John Best (our talented Interior Designer) is harvesting to incorporate into chairs, stools, tables, etc. We can’t thank the fine people at the Blanche enough for their gracious contribution and for sharing an affinity to make old things new again!"

 Photo cred: Holly Frazier Photography

Photo cred: Holly Frazier Photography

"So much great work has been happening around the brewery. The windows inside and out are currently being restored. The upstairs taproom and downstairs walk-in cooler have now been framed up and of course Jonny has been continuing to make unbelievable headway on the heart of Halpatter. On a side note for those of you who have been asking for an opening date/time frame, stay tuned, we are still working that out and want to make sure we get it right this time! More to come…"