Halpatter Brewing Company Coming Soon

New Brewery in Downtown Lake City

The crew behind Halpatter Brewing Company are working hard to bring the good people of Lake City the beer they so deserve! The Brewhouse is starting to take shape, and next up, they'll be tackling the Fermentors. We're excited Halpatter Brewing Company will soon call Downtown Lake City home and investing in downtown's history, charm and community.

We can't wait to grab a cold one with Chris, Jeremy, Jonny and the rest of Lake City...SOON! In the meantime, follow them on Instagram for updates! 

halpatter brewing

Their Story

Haven't heard of Halpatter Brewing? They've got a great story!

In the summer of 2013, the original concept of Halpatter Brewing Company was conceived by beer aficionados, home brewers, and brothers-in-law Chris Candler and Jeremy Gable over beers, in a pool, at a family birthday party. Though the desire and dedication were present, the idea never progressed past a dream because the two simply did not possess the entire set of necessary abilities.

Fast forward two years to May 2015 when, by happenstance, Chris learned of fellow home brewer Jonny Frazier and contacted him in hopes of finding another local brewer interested in sharing thoughts and techniques. Though the intent was never to open a brewery, after several brewing sessions, the three became fast friends and realized that they created a dynamic team, each with a different but vital set of skills: with Chris as a long time business owner, Jonny as an engineer, and Jeremy as a graphic designer. And with the introduction of Jonny’s passion, extensive knowledge of automated manufacturing processes, and unwavering attention to detail, the quality and reproducibility of the now formed venture’s offerings skyrocketed.

Public interest began to grow almost immediately and within months Halpatter was accepting invitations to attend tasting and charity events and festivals. These invitations culminated this past April with Halpatter’s attendance at the Hogtown Craft Beer Festival, a popular annual event in Gainesville, Florida which features over 110 local, national, and international breweries and an annual attendance of 1,600. The future looks extremely bright for Halpatter Brewing and the guys look forward to pursuing their passion of brewing great beer and seeking opportunities to positively impact their neighbors and visitors alike.

Where is Halpatter Located? 

Halpatter will open its doors soon at: 264 Northeast Hernando Avenue